After the steps are complete please try running it on your device. Finally I am using Linear Layouts for placing Header, Form and Footer. 12. However, Theme.AppCompat doesn’t implemen… Once the project is created, create a new activity class in your project src directory and name it as … Second on clicking on Registration page link we are switching screen from LoginActivity to RegisterActivity, Switching from Registration screen to Login screen, 11. 2018 - Mobile Design Inspiration. STEP 02 - Add a new activity & layout for login screen. Imageview, What about the results? Discover 14 Android Login designs on Dribbble. The android login form contains two text fields, the first field is for username and the second one is to enter a password, along with these two fields there is a sign-in button at the bottom. This login screen is a perfect example of how finance-apps don’t have to be dull … Button5. and include interface methods? Open the strings.xml file in the res / values / strings.xml directory and change it to something like the following : So that the overall structure of the project will be as follows : Create an inner class in the class with the name AuthenticationPapterAdapter. In this tutorial, we will learn how to create Login and Registration form in android.