Friday Night Lyrics: The work has been done / And the boss is gone / Baby, I'm on my way to you / Friday night / I missed your embrace / Seven lonely days / There are so many kisses due / Friday night Lyrics below. Friday Night Song Lyrics. Lyrics: I’m ready go tonight There's a party, alright We don’t need the reason for joy oh yeah Tick down to midnight Tonight’s gonna be bright So the grooves make me move oh yeah I’m feeling like, I’m feeling just as fly Can’t stop dancing all night long Jumpin’ up! Oi! Friday Night Lyrics: Friday night / Put my backpack on to do my thing / But the bouncer wouldn't let me in / He just stood there with a stupid grin / Last time / I went on crying / But I kept trying Oi! It's quarter two and we get to the front Girl on the guest list dressed like a She asked security to check inside my shoes Lyrics for Friday Night by Beck Martin. Friday Night from Yakuza 0. Please enjoy. Friday night, last orders at the pub Get in the car and drive to the club There's a massive crowd outside so we get in to the queue It's quarter past eleven now, we won't get in till quarter two. » Search results for 'friday' Yee yee! We're hanging on the streets We're singing all the songs Starting off the night with the Oi! This Song will release on 4 December 2020. Description:- Friday Night Lyrics TisaKorean are Provided in this article.This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer TisaKorean.This song is from Wasteland.album. I like this song but it's too short so I extended it. I wanna be your Friday night sweet ride Summertime, sunshine, barefoot in the moonlight I wanna be your jackpot, hot spot Wide open road in a candy apple rag top I wanna set you free, I wanna take you high I wanna be, wanna be your Friday night We can rock together, let the good times roll forever Fill up our cup, make a memory, drink it up Friday Night Lyrics: Hey you, do you remember me? Lyrics to 'Friday Night' by Skrewdriver. Friday night, Friday night, Friday night Whoa Friday night's a good time with you (Friday night) Friday nigh's a real grand time (Friday night) Friday night's always a good, a great (Friday night) (Whoa) The best time with the lads, yeah. What a time we had on Friday night What a bird you went with, what a sight And you made excuses for her face With the usual drinks on the Friday night We've found 7,364 lyrics, 9 artists, and 50 albums matching friday.. I was workin' all week Nothing exciting I was waiting all week So boring But tonight i will come out caus Its FRIDAY NIGHT (INSTRUMENTAL) I wanna keep moving All night I wanna dance All night And i wanns drink All night And i wanna party All night And i wanna enjoy thus night Cause its FRIDAY NIGHT (INSTRUMENTAL) / I used to sit next to you at school / And we indulged in all the extracurricular activities / We weren't particularly cool / Oh, Monday, cycling